Thursday, 1 October 2009

The R Pole brings Pole Dancing fitness to homes, health clubs, beaches, parks infact now any where...



Pole dancing has been stripped of its sleazy image and become a rapidly

expanding, popular choice of exercise for many women in recent years.

Now, worldwide fans of this fashionable way to keep fit and have fun

will be free to pop up a pole at home, at the health club, at the beach

or even in the pub, with the launch of the first, truly portable pole -

the R Pole (

Designed by pioneering pole dance and fitness school, Pole Passion

( ), the patent pending fitness pole is

self-standing; it doesn't require a stage or tools and takes just

minutes to set up and take down. And being 50% lighter than its nearest

podium based rival, the R Pole sets a new standard in portability and

creates a new world of opportunities for pole fitness.

Stephen Penney, director of Pole Passion, says: "To be honest, my aim

was initially to make my own life simpler by inventing something that

users could easily put up themselves. But it's become an instant hit

with women who've had enough of paying for hardly used health club

memberships and are bored with the same old aerobic classes."

He continues: "We're finding that the home version of the R Pole

particularly appeals to women who are after more entertaining ways to

work out. With the R Pole they can practice in the privacy of their own

homes, or make pole-fitness part of their daily workout and even their

next girls' night out!"

Created with personal fitness in mind, the studio version of the R Pole

will also be a boon for professional pole dancing and fitness

instructors. The split pole design clips together in seconds, without

the need for butch spanners or step ladders, minimising set-up and

maximising teaching time. And being completely self-supporting, the R

Pole won't damage floors or ceilings with screws and fittings, making it

possible for professional studios to add more pole fitness to their

weekly timetable.

Kay Penney, a fitness professional for 18 years and creator (in 2008) of

the popular REP's accredited Pole Fitness Instructor training

qualifications, says: "At long last we have a portable, professional

pole fitness product we can use for teaching without the outdated

connotations of dancing on a portable stage. It's genuinely different to

anything currently on the market anywhere in the world right now."

Instructors and students don't have to worry that safety or stability

have suffered in pursuit of mobility: the R Pole has come through three

years of stringent design and testing in conjunction with the University

of Brighton. Its secure, wide base provides a natural exclusion zone and

is covered with a safety mat to protect student dancers if they get into

a spin.

Pole dancing fitness is a great, all round fun and fitness routine,

incorporating all nine elements of fitness. It helps to build core

strength, increase flexibility and coordination, and provides all-over

body tone. And because it uses a person's own body weight rather than

the resistance of a machine, it results in leaner and more shapely


Fitness is not the only bonus: pole dancing & fitness techniques also

boost confidence and self-esteem, and can help women feel sensually

empowered. And, above all, it's fun. Pole dancing fitness classes are

safe, supportive environments where laughter is encouraged, making them

as much a social event as an exercise class.

The R Pole was demonstrated across the UK during the recent six day

masterclass tour by Felix Cane, the Australian champion and the current

World Pole Sport and Fitness Champion 2009. Cane said: "The R Pole is

probably the best free standing pole available at the moment."

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