Sunday, 24 April 2011

Arlene Caffrey on the NEW Rpole Play

Extreem Sports? - would pole fitness come to mind? Arlene Caffrey seen here on the Rpole play, World Pole Dance finalist 2010 and Irish Champion 2010

Rpole Fitness introducing the 'Play'
Innovating portable dance and fitness poles, compliant with British safety standards sets to launch the lightest, smallest, sexiest, light weight pole in the world and is now available for purchase. This pole is up in seconds and is easy to transport with no spanners, step ladders, screws or bolts required. It has been engineered by pole fitness and fitness professionals and is currently being used in gyms around the UK and Europe.

Pole Fitness is currently being attended by men and women and incorporates core strength and stability, cardio vascular exercise, flexibility and conditioning. you can make it as challenging as you require.

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Making travelling with the Rpole even easier than before

Users commented on the equipment as being exceptionally stable and practical, where quality has not been compromised and the fact no screws, spanners or step ladders are needed.

New mats for the Rpole play design are also available too, making the safety of pole fitness paramount – revolutionising the pole fitness industry

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