Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Insurance for Pole Training

Did you know the Health and Safety at Work Act, places a legal obligation for you to be professionally qualified to teach Pole Fitness and is NOW a recognised sport and as such must be taught by professionally trained instructors. Gone are the days of learning from the internet and self taught untrained 'teachers'.

Would you consider teaching deep sea diving without adequate training? Of course not - the results would be catastrophic and may result in serious injury.
The same is now true of pole. The HSE regulations place a Duty of Care on you and anyone teaching the general public, to be qualified and if not you risk legal ramifications let alone potential loss of your insurance.

We highly recommend that you become qualified and accredited if you want to take pole teaching seriously. Many insurance companies are now withdrawing their policies to those who have no formal qualifications and in some cases leaving some pole fitness instructors more vulnerable than ever before!

At Pole Passion, as accredited training providers, we are passionate about delivering safe and effective training courses and have done since 2008. We are proud now to announce that insurance companes are also recommending our training courses too.

Level 1 Pole Fitness Instructor Training is the first step and most important step

Call us on 0871 318 3838 TODAY Do you want to risk being made bankrupt by a no win no fee solicitor??!! Ignorance is not an excuse

If you are serious about teaching pole call us - We are offering money back guarentees and full support during your pole training career.

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