Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pole Dancers Set to Enter the Olympics 2011

Pole Dancers are training hard and set to enter the Olympics……………… as Volley Ball Players. Headed by the current Miss Pole Dance champion and fitness expert Maxine Betts will be training the strong team to play fairly.

OK so its not the real Olympics yet however the similarities are quite scary!! 12 pole dancers will be dressing rather sexily, however this time not for the poles but for the sandy dunes of Brighton Beach playing Volleyball Already many of them practicing their bombas So will the pole dancers be able to pull off this game? Of course, with similarities to that of pole dancing – explosive moves and quick reactions needed. Good spatial and body awareness, a good overall conditioning and endurance is needed to continue to jump and move through the game, dance and perform to the song!. A strong base of legs and hips good shoulder strength, good core muscles for balance and strength, a strong back protecting from twisting and hyper extensions – hummm sounds like pole dancing to me. If you have got what it takes to be a champion and would like to register to enter as one of the 12 volleyball players for 25th June Two teams will be selected Shorts and crop tops or T-shirts will be required

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