Tuesday, 5 April 2011

March 2011 was another spectacular month for the team at Pole Passion.
Miss Pole Dance Japan crowned their next champion to join the World Pole Dance team in Budapest - our congratulations go to Yukuri.

Japan came to Pole Passion - Joshua having already interviewed Hitomi organiser of Miss Pole Dance Japan, delighted us with his charm and conducted a 2 hour interview with Kay Penney for the inclusion in a chapter of his book he is currently writing - His interest is about the community formation in this wonderful age of digital media and is particularily interested in the Pole Dance Community as a whole and how the pole dance culture and genre is developing - his journey is taking him around the world to interview key individuals in which he feels has shaped the Pole Dance Community as it is today.

Also in March Burlesque Passion presented during the First Official UK Zumba retreat in 2011 at Centre Parcs at Sherwood forest and were very well received.
With the increase in Zumba fitness maybe Burlesque fitness is the next best thing :)

We thank the organisers for inviting Pole and burlesque passion along.

Rpole had their debut too with sales increasing by the month as people eventually get to try one and fall in love.

Also in March was the launch of the Northern Accredited Pole fitness Instructor training and yes the northerners want us back up there for the continuation level 2

check out the website for more information on Instructor training

Our congratulations go to the newly qualified instructors who are passionate about safe and effective teacher training a huge congratulations goes to Mandy Horne of Pole Babes for putting on a very professional course with glowing references......

See you all soon at the forth coming Miss Pole Dance UK championships professional category where Maxine Betts will be forwarding her crown to the next champion following in the footsteps of
Elena Gibson
Tracey Simmons
Sally Anne Giles
Alesia Vazmitsel
Maxine Betts

Tickets now on sale for the 25th June in Brighton Concorde 2

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