Thursday, 7 April 2011

Performance Enhancing Drugs ~ Miss Pole Dance and World Pole Dance Competitions

Pole athletes, like any other sports person may misuse drugs and relaxants to help cope with stress, or perhaps to boost their own confidence whilst competing in front of a large audience especially at National or International level.

Pole Passion have now organised over 27 National and International (including 3 World Championships) to date and we have always found the candidates over the years to have proven to be extremely professional from all cultures.

In 2005 Miss Pole Dance UK lead and innovated the way in competitive pole sport and athleticism. The competition was created and planned with the professional vision to educate and promote these talented athletes, dancers and fitness experts, that were being attracted to the artistic movements around the vertical bar ‘the pole’. We believe the success of the competitions has been partly due to the professionalism created and withheld from day one, using expertise from many athletes from around the world from other fields of sporting excellence.

So far, the use of drug testing prior to any of our championships has never been necessary, however it would be perhaps foolish of us to think that it would never happen, especially as the popularity of the championships and prestige of winning is forever in high demand and the competitors gaining considerable skills and strength from year to year with the added pressure this brings to the competitors. Relaxants and stimulants such as caffeine based drinks and coffee are not so much monitored, although alcohol is, and the rulings of no alcohol for 12 hours before the championships is monitored as much as is possible. So in conclusion and mindful of the Olympic vision, random drugs testing may, and perhaps should be introduced in the future.

Kay Penney for and on behalf of Miss Pole Dance UK / World Pole Sport & Fitness

we would like to thank Rpole for the support they have shown in the pole competitions to date without who the competitions may not have been possible. - the pole exclusively designed for the gym with high ceilings :) enabling pole to go where no pole has gone before - even in the sea!!

Seen here in the picture current World Champion Miss Felix Cane during her UK Master class

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