Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I was recently asked do I ever use Gorilla Gold pole dance grip?

Well yes I do use gorilla gold and it was one of the first grips I found on the market for pole dance and fitness (way back then!!)
As an extremely busy pole business manager my physical pole training these days takes second precedence unfortunately, (I say unfortunately as my love of pole is still as strong as the day I first started over 10 years ago) so I need every bit of help I can get when accomplishing the more difficult inverts.

I include the information about all grips including gorilla gold in our internationally accredited pole fitness qualifications which are now available world wide to educate the fitness and dance world, as each year it becomes more accessible with the use of free standing and portable Rpoles (the lightest and most portable pole in the world)

Gorilla gold's tack is perfect for me for that boost of confidence which lacks when I've been off the pole for a few weeks or more :)

Can you imagine how delighted I felt today when a new licensee text me saying just checking out a new venue for my new classes and guess what the receptionist of the Virgin Active Gym said

'you are gonna need Rpoles in this gym if you want to teach pole fitness'
She was currently having lessons from someone who had already completed our instructor training and already using in her gym in the next town

yeahhhhhhh the professional word is getting round


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