Thursday, 2 February 2012

Why Qualify in Pole Fitness??

Below is an email conversation from one of my newest members to the Pole Passion instructor team
Karen was spotted over a year ago by one of the directors of Pole Passion for her enthusiasm and dedication to the pole world

Karen has now just successfully completed her Accredited Level 3 Instructor Training course

Karen recently wrote to me and said
‘When I did the first aid certificate last year there was alot of negativity from some of the girls about Pole Passions instructor training. They were saying how wrong it was that you could do your level 1 & then be qualified to go away & teach inverts. I did try to explain that you progress through the levels to work up to that on level 3 but they really didn’t seem to take it on board.

I think it may be an idea to emphasize a little more on the level 1 what the content is of the next 2 levels, maybe quote some comments from people who took the level 3. Maybe you could have a display poster like the one you have for the burlesque instructor training (can’t remember what they're called!)

Level 3 yesterday’s full day instructor training was really hard and challenging, i'm so not ready to teach at that level yet but I thoroughly enjoyed it. People really need to be pushed to go on to the level 3!

Thanks again!

Happy Monday 2 u!

Hi Karen thanks for the email

I must admit I really enjoyed devising the course and yes it’s designed to be hard !!

Level 1 gives you the basics, foundations and fundamentals of pole fitness and does not give you automatic right to teach inverts! there are no inverts in it!! therefore we are not endorsing the teaching of inverts in level 1 - so that information is incorrect they were quoted to say

We all have to start somewhere and many are negative because they don’t like to follow a system that has been approved (I was one of those people) so I fully understand where they are coming from

what level 1 does give you is a recognised qualification and accreditation that you have reached the required standard to teach pole fitness safely, effectively and progressively - telling the world you have worked hard for your accreditation !!

what we have worked hard for in Pole Passion is to devise a documented structure whereby insurance companies are beginning to recognise our skill and award our efforts with insuring us against accidental injuries at a level we are qualified to teach

I always look at it as - what would the judge say and ask if there was a fatal accident in one of our lessons! (God forbid)

I’ve worked long and hard for over 10 years to offer the best training the industry has to make excellent instructors

We can not make instructors join our courses (there is always a freedom of choice) however we have made opportunities for those who would like to join us and these are now available to all, which again if they choose not to progress with courses awarded and supported by accreditation's then that is up to them. - how would the judge see it?

There are many people in many industries that are not properly qualified and let’s not forget how young pole fitness still is. There is no law required to be accredited to teach pole fitness however as a professional company we offer these accreditation's to be the best and most professional which I believe we have gained, not only national but international recognition - there are many amazing and talented pole instructors out there as there are many unqualified doctors and driving instructors and electricians, however can they get adequate insurance when needed?

For me when I started pole dancing and pole fitness, there were no recognitions or qualifications and people didn’t take me or our industry seriously - now we have and yes we are gaining the recognition we all so deserve.

What’s great also is that all our courses are recognised by some insurance companies too whereby years ago no one would insure us or if they did it was £1000's !!

Karen replied
I wish I could remember the relevant people & forward your e mail, so true!!

Kay replied
Don’t worry Karen I will copy and paste my words and blog it :)
We can’t change everyone’s minds all of the time in an instant but over the years you will see how it will transform - thank you for being one of my dedicated and professional Pole Passion team members :)

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