Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pole Passion presents circus skills in hoops, silks, trapeze, corde lisse, acro balance, doubles hoops and trapeze

Pole Passion presents Astra Beck

Saturday 17th March 2012 NEW CLASSES
At: Taylors aerial, hoops, silks and 10 pole studio in Capel Dorking RH5 5HF

For those of you who have tried hoops and silks and now want something a little bit different or for those completely new to it all and want to dive straight in (or up down and around!) Astra will be offering a day of alternative aerial skills. This will include a morning session in corde lisse and trapeze and an afternoon session in doubles. The doubles session will start with acro balance on the floor and then move to doubles hoop.

Corde lisse (rope) is very similar to silks and uses many of the same moves, only it will feel completely different as obviously it is a different piece of equipment.

Trapeze is very similar to hoop, and uses many of the same moves, however there is a whole lot more to experiment with using the ropes of the trapeze.

Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm £50 per single person
Limited spaces to 3 per piece of equipment

Acro balance is the art of two people using each other’s weight to balance and lift each other from the floor. It combines elements of adagio, acrobatics, and hand balancing. A lot of care, coordination and mutual trust is needed in order to do this skill as you will be basing and flying each other - in this session we will start with some trust building exercises and then work on some basic moves.

Doubles hoop is the same as hoop only much more fun as you get to play with a partner at the same time! We will cover some of the basic symmetrical moves as well as moves where you base and fly each other in the air.

Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm £50 per couple (£25 each)
No limit of places for acro balance / limited spaces of two couples per hoop

If both classes are booked the same day the cost is £90
For the doubles you will need to come with a partner who you are able to work with effectively, ie either (1.) be of similar weight, height and build so you can base and fly with each other; or (2) have one person bigger and stronger who will base with another who is smaller and lighter to fly.

Sunday 18th March 2012
At: Taylors aerial hoops, silks and 10 pole studio in Capel Dorking

Time: 11.00am 1:00pm £40 hoops only

2 hours of single hoops

Time: 14:00 – 16:00pm £40 silks only

2 hours of single silks

If both classes are booked on the same day then the cost is £65 per person

To reserve your place and book
Email: theteam@polepassion.com

Or phone: 0871 318 3838

Or text: 0792 1948 606


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