Friday, 17 February 2012

University Pole Competition UK - PoleforUaNdI 2012

Our very own founder of Pole Passion - Kay Penney is excited to be invited as head judge and supporting the young artistic pole fitness enthusiasts of the UK university network with the annual poleforUaNdI pole fitness championships – run by students for students.

Kay will now be judging all categories at Pimlico Academy specialising in the arts and history, centre in London on Saturday 18th February 2012 from mid day. She will be specifically looking at the technical elements of the performers their music interpretations as well as the creative innovation on and around the pole that she is so often passionate about promoting and encouraging.
As one of the industries pioneers since 2001 and creator of Miss Pole Dance UK National championships in 2005 she has pioneered the competitive pole fitness and dance industry since 2003 when she first entered her own pole competition as a competitor at the age of 34. Obviously then the industry being extremely young and nonexistent in many countries she identified that with some professionalisation this could be big – and now 10 years on she is proud to still be actively supporting all competitions and their organisers world wide and loves the challenge of its diversity and cultural challenges it brings with it. Kay has also written a comprehensive judging package and has created the World Pole Sport and Fitness championships in 2009, creating now two world champions Felix Cane age 24 - representing Australia 2009/2011 and Alesia Vazmitsel age 31 from Belarus who is the current world champion 2011/2012.

Alesia Vazmitsel World Champion Budapest 2011

Kay is excited to see, as always, with all the competitions she judges new moves, combinations and creations and possibly the new world champion in the making – what is exciting about the universities is that the new age range is relatively new to the pole fitness and dance industry as they have only become comfortable with the techniques taught recently and believes that since the introduction of accredited pole fitness which is now recognised by the Register Of Exercise of Professionals and endorsed by Skills Active in the UK and Europe has been very instrumental to this change. In 2008 the industry saw the introduction of such qualifications as a professional stand to the sport and the competitions have always been an excellent platform for Kay and her team to educate the sceptical and uniformed. She is hoping that this weekend will change more people’s perception too which she states can only be a positive for the sport and for the people that choose to do the sport of pole fitness world wide.
What is exciting is that the participants are also bringing in new skills into the sport with many dance genres and gymnastic participants entering the completition

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Congratulations to Amadea Hills, Anna Meekums and Vici Hemming from Kent university
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