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Pole Passion Licensee Opportunities and Jobs World Wide

Pole Passion Licensee Opportunities NOW AVAILABLE ~ WORLD WIDE

Due to the increase of interest in becoming Pole fitness instructors we are now offering the opportunity to own your own Pole Fitness Company

An opportunity to become a licensed fitness instructor teaching pole fitness with Pole Passion.
Want to own your own pole fitness business and classes, but unsure where to begin?
We offer a simple and flexible licence agreement allowing you to quickly set up your own business without the normal associated start-up challenges.

With only a small monthly investment, our licence owners are able to generate an attractive income from a part time commitment. This means that it is possible to run a Pole Passion Fitness license alongside an existing job or other daytime commitments.

Time commitment
Existing Passion Fitness team members commit to a couple of evenings a week. Normally, this spans weekday evenings.

How we support a Passion Fitness licensee

We have invested heavily since 2003 to create everything that is required to deliver an original experience for health club members.

Comprehensive support
Full training can be offered to the right candidate, regardless of your dance or fitness background. The very first thing we look for is the right attitude and enthusiasm; everything else we, and our training partners can teach.

Fresh Content and innovative new classes
We continually research new fitness trends and routines to ensure our classes stay fresh and fun and pass them onto you.

Regular instructor training programmes
We run quarterly ‘master-classes' and more frequent workshops for our licensed instructors so that your knowledge is kept updated and your classes stay fresh.

Master classes with some of the world’s leading pole dancers

We run ‘invitation-only’ master-classes for our licensees with some of the world’s leading pole dancers and athletes as a core part of the ‘Pole Passion Experience’. Many of our own experienced and highly trained instructors athletes and dancers run workshops exclusively for Pole Passion. With the creation of Master Classes here in the UK beginning with Pantera Blacksmith :-
Pantera USA 2006
Deb Riley UK 2008
Felix Cane Australia World Champion 2009
Maxine Betts UK 2010
Jess Leanne Norris UK 2011
Alesia V Belarus / UK & World Champion 2012

International Accredited Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) fitness training
Our pole fitness classes are registered and endorsed with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) under Pole Fitness levels 1 & 2 and each course will allow continual development points (CDP) of 16 points per level taken.

Comprehensive training manuals
Our comprehensive training manuals currently contain over 200 core moves,
transitions, poses, floor moves and hand grip images and descriptions. We are regularly adding new moves which provides the opportunity to create customised classes and so keep the experience different and fresh and unique to you.
DVD's and books coming soon along with online training opportunities

Marketing Support
We provide details on how to effectively market and grow your business. Each licensee receives a detailed marketing and promotions manual with templates and samples of press releases, brochures, flyers, and mailers. Prior to launching your business, you also receive a consulting session to assist you with your marketing goals and a customised marketing plan is developed to aid you in achieving your business aspirations.

Web site and email
Inclusion on the Pole Passion website listing dates, times, locations and payment options. Additionally, your personal biography and photo under our Pole Passion Team, with free regular updates. There is also a dedicated log in area for marketing, promotion materials and resources and the ability to communicate with other instructors via a message board. Licensees receive a dedicated email account and the use of online applications like diary and shared documents and mailing lists etc.

Pole Passion and Passion Fitness Branding
Permission to display our registered logo on your web site (if you have one). As a Pole Passion licensed instructor, you have full access to our brand.

Corporate clothing

We have a full range of corporate clothing to identify our instructors and convey our brand. Passion Fitness corporate clothing is included within your licence agreement and we make branded clothing available as a retail opportunity for you to earn extra income.

Risk assessed and health and safety compliant
We take the safety of our instructors and participants very seriously and so every aspect of our programme is thoroughly risk assessed and compliant with current Health and Safety Standards. Also, our class content has been assessed by an accredited osteopath for bio-mechanical and musculo-skeletal integrity.
Our Mission

Four key words run through our business:
• Empowerment
• Confidence
• Fitness
• FUN!

Delivered through a variety of exercise/fitness classes, fun parties, private lessons, master classes, team building events and monthly workshops suitable for all women regardless of their age, shape or fitness levels.
Our industry recognised and endorsed fitness programmes provide a unique and fun workout, designed to empower participants through health and fitness. All inspired by the sensual movements of exotic dance, fitness forms such as Pilates, ballet, yoga, dance forms such as salsa, street dance and contemporary dance.

Joining our Team

We are seeking charismatic individuals (over 18) who are:
• In good health
• Have an enthusiastic and optimistic approach to life
• Sociable and effective communicators
• Enthusiastic about health, exercise and well being
• Fluent in English
• Capable of professionally representing our company and brand

The next step
Please contact Kay Penney, founder of Pole Passion, Passion Fitness, Miss Pole Dance UK, World Pole Dance to request a more comprehensive document and arrange an informal meeting to find out more. No experience is necessary although a genuine desire to succeed and be a valuable team member is required. Full training is available and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Call us today on 0871 318 3838 to register an interest or email us 'theteam'

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