Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Big Brother 2012 Johnny Cockfill ~ Benedict the Pole Passion Butler

Our very own Pole Passion’s G string Butler - Johnny Cockfill is about to appear on Big Brother 2012 show.
Kay Penney founder of Pole Passion, who met Johnny three years ago at an event they were both at – 

Kay needing a male as part of her opening act at the  show and chose the delightful and charming Johnny to support her sexy dance routine.
Also known as Benedict – who is a former London, public school teacher - revealed that he has been a stripper and porn star!!
Johnny has supported our events professionally for many years as a G - string butler and promotions guy for the Rpole at our Pole Passion events and parties  and is a lovely and charming person and we wish him well in the show.

Did he do some pole dancing too?? Maybe he will reveal all in the Big Brother Show but he's definitely wearing the RPole apron!!

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Benedict seen here with Debbie, Jenni, Holly and Natasha - Pole Passion Fitness and Dance Instructors

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