Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sarah Scott - Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 champion

Sarah Scott is now the new and proud owner of the Miss Pole Dance crown – on June 2nd following in the footsteps of  Elena Gibson, Tracey Simmonds, Sally Anne Giles, Maxine Betts and Jess Leanne Norris. Battling it out amongst the 12 finalists, 26 year old Sarah was crowned the winner of Miss Pole Dance UK professional category in Brighton’s live music and events venue, concorde2,  on Saturday evening.  Many new and old artists have performed on the stage, narrowly leaving behind her fellow contestants; Felicity Logan, 2nd place, Kristina Walker 3rd place and her doubles partner Bendy Kate (Kate Czepulkowski ) 4th place.

With her classic and flawless performance Sarah graced the hundred strong audiences with her relaxed, focused and professional manner, prepared and determined to showcase her art to the pole community never imagining she would take the crown. Her music choice complimented her choreography; Right here, Right now - Fat Boy Slim - Zeppy Zep remix.

Sarah quoted on facebook -  ‘A BIG thank you to Kay Penney , Steve Penney and Pole Passion for the Miss Pole Dance UK Championships 2012 - I went only to showcase what I do and never could have imagined I'd come out as the winner - It has been a very surreal weekend and I can't wait for the next year - A big thank you to all the judges, Jess Leanne Norris, the former Miss Pole Dance UK champion, Alma Pirner, Hungarian Miss Pole Fitness championship creator and owner of Dollhouse & aerial studio and Kay Penney also head judge and creator of the competition.’ Sarah also thanked all the other competitors and went on to say. ‘The atmosphere backstage was so friendly and supportive - and after seeing the videos I have been in awe of the strength, grace and diversity that this competition has brought to the pole community. Mr Pole Fitness UK was such a great show also and I think we can all agree that the standard of the men’s division is going from strength to strength - imagine what it’s going to be like next year!! ‘  Mr Pole Fitness UK is now in its 4th year and quite rightly Sarah states this is by far the best year of contestants that have powered themselves to showcase alongside the females, who are leading the pole fitness and dance industry.

Of course we share Sarah’s views  - Miss Pole Dance UK and Mr Pole Fitness UK is all about education allowing the contestants to have a stage where they can be free and express their unique skills and art without the fear of being wrongly judged.  This has been the aim since 2005 when Kay first created Miss Pole Dance UK and the contestants and our job as judges is to choose professional and talented ambassadors for our sport we all love so much – We are proud to promote and support these two wonderful stars throughout the next generation of pole fitness and dance. 

Sarah who lives in Taunton is a Pole Fitness and dance instructor at Studio 22 and the new doubles partner of Bendy Kate who took first position in the Doubles category also on Saturday – Bendy already an accomplished performer, who won the doubles category also last year with her doubles partner Kate Johnston.  Bendy Kate as she is well known to her friends and colleagues,  as seen on this year’s semi finals, Got to Dance, hosted by Davina McCall, narrowly missed the crown with her innovative and creative moves and routine just disastrously slipped out of one of her challenging moves – needless to say she never disgraced herself, Bendy truly is an inspiration to thousands of pole dance followers throughout the nation and represents pole fitness in her unique and creative way.


The competition also saw support from Sarah Honeywell,  CBeeBies TV presenter – Sarah herself an ex gymnast, acrobatic aerialist and contortionist, had a pole fitness lessons from Kay last year, gaining our concept straight away, Sarah is equally excited about the innovative creation of moves around the pole for fun, empowerment and fitness and maybe one day in her very busy schedule, may take to the RPole again. – we hope so.


Sarah Scott, Bendy and Nico will all go on to Switzerland this year to represent the UK in the World Pole Dance Championships on November 10th  -


Sarah and Nico have also confirmed they will be supporting the new comers to Miss Pole Dance UK on July 22nd at Taylors retreat as the Amateur and Semi pro championships will be held all day.  For more information, registration and tickets for the 22nd  and highlights of the Miss Pole Dance UK Professional events held on 2nd June please visit


The competition DVD is available online from the website too – thanking you all who supported the event especially the event sponsors allowing the event to take place and to all the spectators too – sponsors this year were :- Pole2Pole Magazine, Pole Passion, RPole – competition poles, Mighty Grip, Millie Robson Photography, Burlesque Passion, Spinny T Bags, Pole Dance Jewellery, Indigo Dance Magazine, Pole Motion, Wink, Pole Kini and Taylors Retreat


Written by Kay Penney – Miss Pole Dance UK 


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