Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nico Modestine Mr Pole Fitness UK 2012 Champion

Nico Modestine the New Mr Pole Fitness UK 2012 champion

Nico has been an autodidact of dance and martial arts from a young age, learning a variety of disciplines such as taekwondo , capoeira and street dancing on his French native island.

He graduated from University Lyon 3 with a degree in Foreign Languages, Law and Management but his real passion was elsewhere.

It’s only when moving to the UK in 2006 that he could fully express his passion and learnt contemporary dance and lyrical. After taking a pole dance class with First Miss Pole Dance UK (2005) professional champion, Elena Gibson, he simply fell in love with it.

He’s only been pole training for 6 months but he’s very ambitious and dedicated.
He was a finalist at the Aerial Pole International competition this year and is also a fitness instructor and has trained at the Houses Of Parliament!
Nicos winning performance demonstrated all the components of strength, flexibility, entertaining skill and dexterity He engaged the crowed and judges throughout;- Akos from Hungary also a fitness professional and pole fitness instructor at Dollhouse in Budapest, Bailey and Luxe who are Australian champions in pole dance also

Mr Pole Fitness UK presented by Pole Passion, now in its fourth year, and is owned and operated by founder Kay Penney who is also the host of the competition and Pole Passion Ltd since 2003.  Kay also is creator and founder of Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance where Nico will go on to represent the UK  on November 10th in Switzerland

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