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2012 Miss Pole dance UK National Championships Mr Pole fitness UK

Sarah Scott, Bendy Kate and Nico Modestine, The 8th Miss Pole Dance UK Fitness and Dance championships was held on the 2nd June in Brighton where three amazing championships showcased their skill and athleticism of the most talented pole dance performers in the UK
Sarah Scott taking the new crown of Miss Pole Dance UK female champion amongst 12  finalists
Sarah & Bendy Kate taking the Doubles category
Nico Modestine only 6 months into pole took the Mr Pole Fitness UK title

At 3pm the males lead the day with  the  Mr Pole Fitness UK Championship following on from that at 4pm followed Miss Pole Dance UK doubles category to culminate in the  finale of Miss Pole Dance UK professional category female singles category.  These competitions were not possible without the amazing contribution of the international judges this year who supported the UK competitors

Headed by founder Kay Penney, all three competitions were over looked by Kay herself. Kay still as passionate to select professional and friendly ambassadors to represent what she has worked so hard for over the last 10 years, representing pole artistry, educating and promoting the talented and ambitious to fly the flag of this still relatively new form of dance and fitness - over the years Kay is excited to see the stigma decrease year by year - as her message was simple back in 2005 - providing a stage where the performers could showcase their art and passion without the fear of being wrongly judged - and with the increase of national support with the winners of this prestigious national championship focusing on this gallant task - for all the competitors it not just about the 5 minutes they get to perform it becomes their life, their dedicated religion and art.

International judge Alma Pirner, who has become a very dear friend who supports us in the UK and internationally too.Alma is the organiser of the Hungarian Miss Pole Dance National championships since 2005 who is also the owner  and creator of the first Pole fitness company in Hungary, performer and instructor at dollhouse aerial studio in Budapest,  next on the judging panel was Akos, partner of Alma who is an accomplished teacher in fitness and pole fitness and is the envy of many a male pole fitness instructor, he has a very active role and supports dollhouse and the national pole dance championships in Budapest and was co host with Alma last year at the World Pole Dance  - World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships last October in Budapest

Bailey Hart
All the way from Australia - trained at Bobbies Pole Studio, and currently teaches at  Suzie Q's
Bailey is a unique pole dancer in that she is continuously growing and diversifying,  exploring new entertaining and sometimes abstract performances.

Luxe L'etoile 
Luxe is the consecutive Asia Pacific  - Classic Pole Dance Champion 2010 and 2011 and has performed internationally on stage with some of the world’s best  including world pole dance finalist Jenyne Buttefly, Natasha Wang, Duncan West and Chelle Hafner

Jess Leanna Norris.
This incredible lady at such a young age took the Miss Pole Dance UK professional winning title last year having waited patiently for almost 3 years as it was her ambition to enter this national championships at 18 years old – she is an inspiration and ambassador for the UK and pole fitness and dance in general who has an amazing company JLN, with wonderful staff and support from her students

Deb Riley was not able to be with us  due to last minute unforeseen circumstances, neither world champion males finalist, Keem Martinez and Alesia Vazmitsel  - the current world champion

Our special  thanks go unquestionably to following sponsors who without their contribution and support the event would not be possible
This year’s amazing  sponsors
Indigo Dance Magazine,
Pole Passion,
Rpole – competition poles,
Mighty Grip,
Millie Robson Photography,
Burlesque Passion,
Spinny T Bags,
Pole Dance Jewellery,
Pole2Pole Magazine,
Pole Motion,
Pole Kini and
Taylors Retreat

I also want to dedicate a special thank you to all the wonderful staff and helpers of Pole Passion headed by the amazing Debbie Merchant who has had to put up with me for the last few months and had kept me in order. Karen & Alysa, The amazing pole cleaners – Paula, Donna, Jana and Molly, Danny the DJ who has supported the competition two years in a row, Den & Sue Thompson, Sue who had been tweeting and facebooking all night, all dedicating their time and passion for the pole.  A special thanks to Steve Penney from Rpole, hands on again this year,  focusing on the health and safety for all the competitors on and off the stage. Our first aiders, Andy for the official filming – DVD’s will be available shortly so visit the pole passion shop or visit the website

Come and see Sarah and Nico on 22nd July at Taylors retreat for the Miss Pole Dance UK amateur and semi pro championships

Kay Penney – Miss Pole Dance UK

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