Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pole Passion interview with Bendy Kate Czepulkowski - September 2013 Miss Pole Dance UK

We at Pole Passion caught up with Bendy Kate Czepulkowski and managed to ask her competition questions – August 2013

Kate is the current Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles Champion

What is the MOST important preparation for you before your competitions?

Getting up your stamina for your routine and then Keeping flexible but cool before I perform (especially in hot countries!)

What diet advice would you give to Someone on the day of a competition?

Avoid any sweets the day of the competition! They will give you a sugar rush and then a big come down. Drink lots of water (water can help improve your body's performance). Eat natural foods which your use to so there’s no chance of getting ill. Have some form of protein waiting for you for after your performance. AND BE PREPARED always pack a healthy lunch because it might be a long time before you get to eat again.

How much practice of a competition routine would you recommend to anyone entering ? 6 weeks 3/week More or less?

Make sure you have all your choreography by 4 weeks prior to the competition. Then you need to up your stamina by doing your routine 1/2 times each time you train. But the main thing at this stage is to not overdo it and injure yourself!

How's my times would you practice in your costume / clothing before a competition ?

Around 3 times at least.

How do you chose your music ?

What ever inspires me most at the time and if I fall in love with it.

What mental preparation would you do -hours before a competition ?

I try and chill out and stretch loaaaads! I like to focus mentally on doing my own routine well rather than the competition.

How do you motivate yourself to train when the going gets tough?

I think about how proud I want to be of myself, if I didn’t train hard enough it’s likely that I’d be disappointed in my performance so I get myself to training!!

Do you fear injuries when creating and practicing new moves?

Sometimes! Something’s don’t scare me at all but others really do! I think you have to find the boundary of pushing yourself to create and explore new moves but without being crazy!

And finally - is there more to come from you - your uniqueness your innovative and creative style ??

Oh yesss.....I have so many ideas and thoughts I can’t wait to turn them all into performances!


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