Monday, 12 August 2013

What is Pole Conditioning - Pole Passion

What is  Pole Conditioning?

Quite often you may have heard of Pole Conditioning moves but not really understood what they are

Conditioning is a specific form of training that gives you a foundation of fitness and flexibility level to begin from.

Conditioning cannot be simplified into one form of exercise but instead it is thought of as a specific training program that prepares you for your pole lesson programme

At Pole Passion the foundations can be considered your conditioning moves.
As pole is known as a physical activity and a technical sport, it is important to consider these foundation moves as part of your warm-ups and conditioning moves before you set and begin your progressions and more difficult tricks and transition moves

By warming up and conditioning with moves such as :-
Pogo pole
Pull ups
Under arm turns
Pole tucks
High and Low Teddies

Remember sometimes your conditioning moves are more essential for your progressive growth and pole development and most importantly preventing and reducing injuries too

Good conditioning before or during or after your training programme will give you better performance and results in the short term as well as the long term

Happy poling and safe training

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