Thursday, 5 December 2013


Pole Passion  - The BOOK  and syllabus 1-6

Pole Passion the moves and grooves series of books are in the final stages of completion
Syllabus 1-6
After an exciting and innovative 13 years’ worth of moves, tricks, transitions, spins and poses, this will be a celebration of the years Pole Passion has lead the pole dance and fitness industry.

Author Kay Penney has dedicated the last decade and more to promoting the ambitious and supporting the talented. She is founder of Miss Pole Dance and World Pole Dance and is the owner and founder of Pole Passion Ltd established in the UK in 2001 – Kay has always had the belief that movements on and around a vertical bar, for fun and fitness, would be massive and wanted to make the techniques available to all. Kay who still teaches and mentors thousands of students, competitors and instructors worldwide, is an active member of experts, within the Pole Passion team, on a daily basis, leading the way for competitive pole sports and fitness and is proud to have created and promoted 5 world champions; Felix Cane - USA, Alesia Vazmitsel - Belarus, Keem Martinez - France, Evgeny Grishilov – Russia & Natalia Tatarintseva- Ukraine  
The books have always been an integral part of the Pole Passion ethos and professional training system, first created, with her then Advanced Instructor Debbie Merchant in 2004.

From a team of one, Kay and her dedicated team, now over 29 instructors and regular teaching team members continue to inspire and motivate men and women all over  the world. Kay also has shared her instructor training programmes with Russia, Switzerland, USA, Germany and Hungary to name a few

Kay decided to document her ideas and programmes when she was first diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and has never looked back – Visit the website for more details about the events, competitions and programmes Kay and her team are involved in.
It’s all about giving back and offering a choice.

Kay is currently full time in bringing the World Championships to the UK on January 31st , February 1st and 2nd ; a convention and celebration of world class pole

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