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Staying Fit in Sin City Vegas USA and the Suburbs of Crawley Town Centre UK

Staying Fit in Sin City Vegas USA -  Bridget : and Suburbs of Crawley Town Centre UK – Kay

So the beauty about being a poler and having an active blog brings you closer to people you would never normally meet in a million years

With a natural love of all sports, I am interested in reading how other athletes stay motivated and do what they do.
I received a lovely email from a recent ‘stranger,’ called Bridget.
So a break away from planning the World Pole Dance Championships 2014 !! I spare a few moments to read her article and compose mine.

Bridget wrote specifically about cycling, out door in Las Vegas and asked me, could I talk about what it's like in my city to do the exercise I love. Bridget stated she wants to try the pole soon too . so how could I refuse another possible poler!!

 Staying Fit in Sin City Vegas USA -  Bridget

I used to workout in the gym all the time. After work, I would go over to the gym  and workout until 8 or 9. I believed in putting in the hours, that’s for sure. It was close quarters and there was a lot of sweat, most of which was not my own, but I kept at it because I felt I had to. That was the way to the perfect body: sweating along with the other folks and doing endless crunches, squats, and dead lifts. I never understood how people just ran. I would see them all the time, running along paths or on sidewalks, running like they were content and looking good while doing it. Or the ones who biked everywhere – to the store, to work, you name it. They were fit, but the idea always made me nervous. Cars, for one thing. Pollution was another. Breathing in all the crud that fills our air day in and day out – I don’t know, it just didn’t seem like the healthiest option for exercise. But then I moved. Once I got  to Vegas I realized that working out outside is actually something I really enjoy. It’s freeing in a way that I hadn’t thought was possible. Las Vegas brought the nature  buff out in me. Here is my story:

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I was game to try working out outside. The air quality was better – remarkably so – and I wanted to give it a try. But when you think of Las Vegas, exercise isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, unless you count walking the strip at all hours of the night as cardio. It only took a little bit of research for me to find out that Las Vegas has a slew of natural, scenic areas to get your workout on.

Las Vegas is right in the middle of the Mojave, which has miles of bike trails cutting through the gorgeous terrain. When you get started, use this reference guide to find safe bike trails. It’ll keep you from getting lost out there!

Here’s something else that’s pretty cool about Las Vegas: it was named one of America’s Cycle-Friendly Cities by the League of American Bicyclists! It’s just

another draw to this awesome area. When you live here you can see it. The city invested a ton of money in bike trails and locks. They made biking here a serious

activity instead of something to play at, which is very cool. Next time you come to Las Vegas, try this resource to find fitness-friendly hotels.

The let’s you look for hotels that fit your needs. When I was trying out the place to make sure I really wanted to move to Vegas, I used the site and it was really

helpful. They had lots of activities and accommodations listed with state of the art gyms inside and also gave lots of advice on where to go to work out outdoors.

There’s also a lot of health conscious restaurants cropping up out here. It gives you the option to eat healthy even thou you are in Sin City.

Staying Fit with the relatively controversial Pole Dance for fitness techniques

As an active mum of three and choosing pole as my first option to stay fit during my busy life nurturing three teenage children, it doesn’t need much explaining as to the challenges I have met along the way during my 13 years stint on and around the pole.
As a pioneer in pole fitness techniques ive had to be thick skinned, ive always taken the approach that pole isn’t for everyone and never will be but then neither is cycling or jogging or rock climbing.
I actually love the fact that people raise their eyebrows when I say im a pole fitness expert training the trainers and creating something new for the indoors and outdoors.

Yes you could say im obsessed so much so ive worked and invested all my time (and money) to the development of the out door pole – the free standing Rpole so this enables me and thousands of other like minded people to pole outdoors
My brief to my husband – the engineer behind the most portable free standing pole in the world was please make it light enough for me to carry but strong  and stable enough for me to play and train on too – any where and everywhere

Well years later we did it – certainly with lots of blood, sweat and tears and the occasional sequin and high heels too!!
The fact is I love to pole everywhere, in the gym, on the beach, in the field, in the home, the adrenaline of when you feel those glazing eyes at you – It makes me work harder (just like I used to get when I was lifting weights next to the men in the ‘strong man section,’ in the gym - viewers never having seen moves on and around the vertical bar before – Yes you could say I love to show off – but I don’t see it as that, I see it as performing!!
After all my love of the stage is deeply set within me  and I love to set new standards too.  As an educator and mentor I love the responsibility I have set myself and ringing in my ears from my English school days, in the words of William Shakespeare, - 'All the World's a Stage'!!

For me poling in the parks is something new for the younger generation of polers, many using the children’s playground for make shift vertical bars just like skate boarding parks and  roller skating down Brighton pier, what better way to keep fit with the fresh air around us and no !!  I'm not wearing thigh highs and a g sting – although thinking about it ……….. maybe next year when the sun is out!!!!!!

www.r-polefitness.com – Pole for fitness and freedom of expression …any time, any where

Kay Penney – founder Pole Passion United Kingdom www.polepassion.com

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