Thursday, 5 December 2013

Worlds class pole dancers from all over the world head for Crawley Hawth theatre February 01st 2014

World Pole Dance Organisation Hawth Theatre February 01st 2014

Our vision has always been since 2000, to make sport and fitness more compelling, challenging and fun, and we knew immediately that the techniques incorporated in pole dance, once removed from negative public perception as only fit for gentlemen’s clubs, would open up a new and exciting generation of polers, not to mention extremely challenging form of fitness and dance.

Yes we dared to be different and break from the normal.

In 2005, we organised the very first ‘Miss Pole Dance UK’  event in Brighton with the view that by making a public display of the dance form, in the form of a national competition, we could 'open closed minds', educate and change the hearts and minds of people who held a negative association with pole dance as a form of sport or fitness.
In 2007 we secured funding from the then (government department) DTi (Department of Trade and industry) to investigate pole dance as a future sport fitness. The result of this was, that due to negative public perception this could take anything between 5-8 years to become a sport found within national health club chains. The following year we were awarded accreditation for pole fitness from Skills Active which officially accredits and recognises our pole fitness instructor training courses and sessions as a form of fitness and we now are one of Europe’s leading and largest training providers organising and teaching new trainers and coaches from around the world.

It is now noted that an exceptional level of skill is required, however still with a public perception of a sleazy activity, we would completely disagree with this statement as now we find this perception is in the minority.

We question -  Should we continue to hide our art away, on the basis that people have an INCORRECT perception of it? Or should we go out there and show people what it is REALLY is about, show people the athleticism involved, show people the artistic interpretations of music in choreographed performances, incorporating the influences of ballet, salsa, gymnastics, Pilates, and contemporary dance? How do we change perceptions if we do not showcase the reality of what these performers do?

Our vision hasn't changed since we started World Pole Dance – incorporating what has become a world wide activity for fitness and dance and by operating World Class and National  events for the public eye, we are encouraging more people to get active and try a new sport which in the majority is everyone's thinking, must be for the greater good?

Anyone is welcome to visit our Pole Fitness class at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing centre in Crawley on Friday & Monday  evenings – come and see what pole fitness really involves. This way you can receive a fully informed view of what our classes incorporate.

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