Friday, 9 January 2015

Keiko Takemoto & Satoshi Murakami (Japan) World Pole Dance 2014

We managed to catch up with Japanese 2014 World Pole Dance Doubles Division Entry
Keiko Takemoto & Satoshi Murakami (Japan) dancing to Sengokubasara

·How does it feel to be a part of  The Worlds  - World Pole Dance 2014 as a males competitor?
It was really good experience and under the inspiration of all the other competitors and organisers.

·Did you go in it to win it?    Yes.

·Do you have a dance and performer background?  I have Acrobatic, rope and mallkhamb performing experience

·How long have you been Pole Dancing for?  4years.

·What made you start entering competitions, have you always had a competitive streak?  
We wanted to enter a world championships and to attain a goal

·Has this competition given you a hunger to compete in more competitions? Yes of course

·What advice would you give to anyone who has never competed before? Enter the New Pole Dance World – World Pole Sport & Fitness World Pole Dance – you never know until you have completed

·Do you have a Pole Idol?  No none at this time

·Were you nervous on the day of the competition and if so what ritual do you carry out to help with your nerves? Yes slightly – I just believe in myself and eat lucky food

Thank you very much. we had a very good experience at World Pole Dance, and we would like to challenge next year in 2015.
I'm sorry about my bad English!!!

Much love

Keiko Takemoto, & Satoshi Murakami (Japan)  March 2014


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