Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pole Sport Basic First Aid

Pole Sport Basic First Aid for Pole Dance Fitness

Whilst serious injuries are extremely rare during pole fitness exercise, we have listed some of the more common ailments during a pole fitness lesson which you may come across and the best way of how to deal with them.  Remember always have a mat and a spotter when inverting

Pole Passion now has a specific Instructor training course  - Advanced Level  - specifically focusing on the additional  safety elements of spotting during inversions, on the free standing portable R Poles.

Potential Causes:
·        Incorrect technique
·        Compensating for lack of strength with friction grip
·        Medication taken by participant

·        Rest area until bruise no longer sore
·        Apply arnica cream to the area
·        Apply ice to large bruises immediately after injury has occurred

Sprains and Strains
Potential Causes:
·        Over training
·        Incorrect Techniques
·        Trips, falls, tumbles

·        Stop using the injured area immediately
·        Rest the area
·        Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about anti-inflammatory creams or tablets which could aid recovery

Potential Causes:
·        Excessive or Condensed Training (i.e, master classes) can lead to blistered hands and wrists
·        Ill –fitting shoes or trainers can lead to blistered feet

·        Reduce or stop training and rest before the blisters burst which may cause a secondary infection
·        Use gloves to protect the hands while training intensely
·        Ensure the area is clean and apply a blister plaster if possible

Muscle Spasms and Cramps
Potential Causes:
·        Dehydration
·        Lack of potassium or electrolytes
·        Lack of other dietary nutrients
·        Illness or fever

·        Avoid training on a cramping muscle
·        Stretch and rest the area
·        Ensure a balanced diet with adequate nutrients is eaten
·        Regularly sip water while exercising

Possible Causes:
·        Fall, trip or tumble
·        Trauma to the head caused by moving items (e.g. kicked by another participant)
·        Dropped by another participant (e.g. from a doubles move)

·        Don’t fall off!  Heed instructor safety information
·        Assess whether patient is conscious and ensure they remain conscious
·        Call 999 Immediately

Fractures and breakages of the bones
Potential Causes:
·        Incorrect techniques
·        Unnecessary force
·        Trips, falls and tumbles

·        Call 999
·        Immobilise the affected area
·        In the case of a protruding fracture, ensure that a first aider is able to secure the affected area
·        In the case of a sucking chest wound, cover the area immediately with a sterile pad and ensure it is held there

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