Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 Pole Instructor teacher training courses with Pole Passion

2015 Pole Instructor teacher training courses with Pole Passion 
will give you all the credibility and information to become a qualified, safe and effective instructor. It will also allow you to gain insurance specific to pole dance instruction, to safeguard you and your future students.  All our courses are REP's accredited which means we are a government approved and a certified training provider for the fitness industry.

Our Crawley Nuffield Training studio.

The foundation teacher training course lasts two and a half days and with pole sport & fitness, international accreditation and certification, costs just £399 and is suitable for all levels – including the complete beginner -

Our Relaxed & Fun group theory sessions.

All that is required to secure a place on the next course, is a non refundable deposit of £50.00
We can then set up a Payment plan to suit your individual requirements. 

The next scheduled course dates are: 

Foundation - February 27th, 28th & March 1st 2015 (Crawley Nuffield)

Advanced - March 27th, 28th & 29th 2015 (Crawley Nuffield)  * Must have completed Foundation course*

Foundation - August 28th, 29th &30th 2015 (Crawley Nuffield)

Advanced - September 25th, 26th & 27th 2015 (Crawley Nuffield) * Must have completed Foundation course*

For any questions and/or to set up a payment plan Please email or call me on:
Tel:   01293 888200

'Click Here' to book your course Online.

Our tutors are on hand to support you 24/7

At Pole Passion we focus on progressing you as an individual within the group setting.

BOOST YOUR INCOME: You can earn up to £100 per hour as a Pole Passion qualified instructor! 
Independent research proves that individuals with professional qualifications and membership
to a recognised brand, stand to earn more, than go it alone start ups.
Plus you will have the choice to be part of an extensive network community.

PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION: Gain recognition for enhancing your knowledge,
understanding and practice of Pole Fitness.
Shows your commitment to continuous professional development and accomplishment
as a Professional who is serious about teaching.

IMPROVE YOUR TEACHING SKILLS: For instructors who want to gain a professional
edge and enhance their effectiveness in safe teaching with internationally accredited
training and support with unrivalled support resources.
RAISE YOUR CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCE: Our comprehensive training courses and
support will equip you to meet daily challenges in a professional, proficient way.
Improving performance and effectiveness with structured training and class ideas
will raise your confidence and ultimately status as a Professional Instructor.
Continual Support Package - included FREE with all Instructor Training Programmes: If you return on the same course within 12 months you will receive the training for FREE!
Full membership of our growing video library of moves, tips and training ideas for 6 months and Monthly video of lesson ideas, training tips, health & safety and how to grow your business - 6 months.

One day Emergency First Aid in the workplace Qualified?

 to book a space on our 1st of February 2015 training course.

Why Choose Pole Passion?
 -  We offer the most comprehensive pole instructor training course in the industry; focusing not just on your tricks ability but on you as an individual and progressing your teaching skills enabling you to progress and regress your students at any level of their progression
- All course material and assessments are provided within the 2 1/2/ day course.
- We support you to set up your own business touching on legalities and licences. 
- We have been creating World and National champions since 2005: /
- You will receive discounts on Poles and setting up your studio from our sister company R Pole: 
- We have trained and supported thousands of instructors worldwide including USA, RUSSIA, CANADA, UKRAINE, EUROPE, BRAZIL to name just a few.
- We encourage and focus on Empowering you to boost the Confidence of yourself and your students through our unique Fitness program focusing on FUN!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and/or to book a space on one of our courses.

We host courses all over the world too and offer online training
Tel:   01293 888200

Mob: 0792 1948 606

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