Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lesley Jackson Pole Passion Master Class February 2015

Lesley Jackson is on tour!

Lesley Jackson aka 'Ley-poleguns' from Northern Pole Dance, started poling in 2010 and fell in love with it in the first 10 seconds!! She was over weight and found pole a great way to get fit. As she was no dancer or gymnast pole didn't come easy to her so the work she had to put in to get the moves didn't go unnoticed and was known as the sweaty girl that would not give up.
This hard work, combined with her active Facebook and Instagram accounts have made Ley a well-known instructor. She constantly strives to find the best way to break down moves and explain them to students.

Lesley is renowned for being a little crazy on the pole and is not scared to have a go at something new.

If you ever see Ley perform you are one of the lucky ones, as she has really big fear of performing and will openly admit she’s a teacher not an entertainer. Her teaching is reflected in her students.

Lesley has completed Pole Fitness teacher training with training leaders, Pole Passion, and is currently training as a trainer assessor with Pole Passion too and has trained with Spin City and is a 4 star PDC instructor.
She believes knowledge is power and we all need to keep learning.

Teaching techniques workshop
On Friday 27th Feb 2015 at Crawley Pole Fitness, Lesley will be running a workshop focusing on advanced teaching techniques. This workshop will address issues such as:

When is a student ready for the move?
Correct ways into the move
Correct ways out of the move
Effective and safe spotting
From the floor adaptations
Conditioning to prepare for the move
Teaching tips and common errors

10 mins will be made available for you to ask questions and trouble shoot moves.

Moves covered will include Superman, Cross ankle release, Handspring, Cupid, plus any others requested in advance if appropriate. – send in your choices J)

Date: Friday 27th February
Cost:  £35 pp for 90 mins.
Where: Pole Passion Crawley Nuffield Health and Well Being Crawley, Crabbet Park, RH10 4ST
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Payment required in full in advance

Many thanks​

Email contact

Lesley is also available   Sunday, March 1 at 10:30am - 12:00pm at Pole Passion Bognor at Dream Fitness in Bognor


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