Monday, 5 October 2009

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championships

Introduction of our new Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 Judge

I would like to introduce Stephen Deadman our Guest Judge, one of the UK’s most qualified and renowned Chartered Physio’s & Registered Osteopath’s, one of only 11 in the world who is dual registered.
Stephen treats some of the top athlete’s in the world, including The British Barefoot Waterskiing Team, British Kickboxing Champions, Body Builders, Power Lifters and other World Class Athletes, whilst also treating many pole instructors and students too.

Steve has studied the artistic tricks and moves on and around a vertical pole at length from beginner to Master Trainer status, which coupled with his profound and extensive bio-mechanical knowledge, will be hugely beneficial to the pole dancing community as a whole. As our special guest judge at Miss Pole Dance UK championships this year, at London Scala, with his understanding of the bodies physiological and bio-mechanical capabilities will give his fellow judges a unique insight and understanding of the gymnastic qualities which are being achieved by today’s top pole dancing athletes.

Steve says “I am honoured to be invited by Kay Penney counder and organiser and to be involved in the competition and to bring my experience to the benefit of everybody, to ensure pole fitness is a credible sport for the safe enjoyment of all, with the aim of ensuring that the professionalism of pole dance fitness is carried forward, setting the standard as an Olympic sport.”

R Pole the New revolutionary 38mm diameter pole

We asked Stephen to give us a better understanding as to why he felt, in his professional capacity as to why the 38mm grip pole was a more safer and beneficial piece of equipment than the 50mm grip pole for all pole people practicing the art of pole dance, fitness and sport.

Stephen’s reply
Very simply the 38mm R Pole, is in my professional opinion, a safer pole, not only because of the ability for the participant to be able to have a safer grip but also because it comes fitted with a safety mat as standard, reducing any potential risk of damage to the coccyx and sacroiliac joint (lower points of the spine) when a participant begins to invert (go up side down).

Based on my experience as a registered osteopath and chartered physiotherapist the 38mm pole as adverse to the 50mm is a safer pole because of less physiological and biomechanical stresses and strains which are placed upon the user’s carpal row of bones and ligaments in the wrist where the 38mm pole offers a safer grip.

If you have a safer hand grip it takes less time to build up your core strength without picking up minor injuries, which is essential to this sport and your personal fitness.

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