Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Maxine Betts winner of Miss Pole Dance UK 2009 Championships presented by www.polepassion.com

Thank you to the following finalist for Miss Pole Dance UK professional 2009 Championships.

In the SINGLES FINAL; in running order
1. Justine McLucas – BEST OUTFIT/COSTUME
2. Tracey Simmonds – SECOND PLACE Best Entertainer Award
3. Faye Chatterley
4. (Pixi) Harmony Rose
5. Emma Simmonds
6. Kaila Lee – THIRD PLACE
~ Break ~
7. (Maya) Iracy Veloso
8. Knockout winner Joanne Blackwell
9. Knockout second (Maxine) Maria Betts WINNER OF THE FINALS
10. Karry Summers
11. Anna Rosser – disqualified due to inappropriate clothing


1. Sasha Kavaleva & Deb Riley BEST POLE TRICKS
2. Knockout winners Penny Howarth & Anna Chisholm WINNERS OF THE DOUBLES FINAL
3. Jennifer Gooch & Cat Denning

ALESIA VAZMITSEL (Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 champion performance) Alesia is eligible to compete again in 2010

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Kay Penney ~ Managing Director - Course coordinator
Pole Passion Ltd ~ Miss Pole Dance UK
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T: 0871 318 3838

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Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009 ~ 25th October London

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