Monday, 5 October 2009

Mr Pole Fitness UK championships 2009

Congratulations go to 27 year old Dance and fitness professional Keem who blew the 4 judges away yesterday at the inaugral Mr Pole Fitness championships with his professionalism, strength, fluidity, 'flight' and performance. Keem travelled all the way from Paris France to attend the new UK competition and did not go home empty handed, proudly clutching his medal, trophy and certificate. 8 other competitors listed from around the UK to enter the competition however only 4 attended, very much raising eyebrows even at the thought of men around poles, however like Pole Passion dispelled and educated in 2005 by creating Miss Pole Dance UK championships it will only be a matter of time for the same to happen with the mens division. OK so perhaps it didnt all go to plan? but then again what was the plan?? until we try it we are not going to know and what fun it was...what sport encompasses the fun we had yesterday? Many thanks to the judges Adam Jay, Steve Deadman, Kay Penney and Deb Riley and competitors 'R' aka Mark Harman Keem Mark Vernon Ben Taylor for showing the true meaning of male pole fitness - watch out for the pictures to follow soon see you all next year

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