Saturday, 25 September 2010

Alesia Vazmitsel - World Pole Dance 2010 - United Kingdom Representative

Alesia will be representing the United Kingdom in the forth coming International World Pole Dance championships 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland presented by Pole Passion and Loft1 on 2nd October and will be holding a stretch workshop class on 3rd October, available for all to attend.

Alesia started ballet dancing at the age of four.

From age 11 Alesia trained at a circus school and then worked in National Circus of Belarus as a gymnast and dancer. She has been pole dancing since 1997.

Alesia is a mesmerizing performer and very inspiring to watch. She has been working for various agencies doing performances for high class restaurants, parties and corporate events.

Alesia has lived in London for two years. Her hobbies include various sports and travelling the world. She also holds a B.Sc in Business Administration.

Alesia won Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 and is currently undefeated and then went on to be placed third in the World Pole Dance Championships in 2009 in Jamaica
Most recently Alesia was successful enough to make it through to the Semi Finals on Britain’s Got Talent, a National TV program finding National talent, which was a watched by millions of viewers all over the world and was received by the famous judges positively.

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