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Pole Fitness Instructor Training - World Class

Pole Fitness instructor training – we are asked questions on a daily basis on how to become a certified and qualified pole fitness instructor
What a great question

– Hello, I have being attending pole fit lessons for over a year now and recently my teacher asked if I would be interested in teaching classes with her.
What would be the best course to take to train in teaching the art of pole?
I look forward to your reply Josie

Thank you for your question It really is a personal choice and does depend on your background & experience and of course your teaching confidence levels too
We are passionate about training pole instructors to be the best they can be and to represent the pole industry with integrity, professionalism and being highly qualified and proficient in their chosen sport and fitness.
Our courses are written with the group ETM Exercise To Music level 2 qualification in mind. Therefore it covers and recaps many of the elements of that course too.
Unlike other courses we also go over warm-ups and cool downs specific to pole techniques incorporating that touch of sensuality that so many participants come for.
Our courses cover the fundamentals all the way to elite health and safety instructor techniques of spotting, progressing and that all important on how to structure your class to keep them fresh and exciting not only for you but for your participants too.

Level 1 Pole Fitness instructor training course - PPF0801 and Level 2 Advanced Pole Fitness instructor training course PPF0802 have both been externally verified and assessed by the fitness industry awarding body Skills Active and are highly acclaimed in the industry by being awarded the highest amount of points within the fitness industry. We have even gone above and beyond that by having all our moves and grooves independently checked by one of Europe’s most qualified practitioners Stephen Deadman who is only one of 11 in the world who is a chartered physiotherapist and Osteopath
Our courses have been approved by the Fitness Association too. That means we are constantly monitored too! Giving you piece of mind so we don’t slack either!

We highly recommend you have the following or at least working towards:-

• PPF0801 and or PPF0802 (if you just hold one or both of these you are certified)
• ETM level 2 or equivalent (if you have PPF0801 and or PPF0801 then you are qualified)
• Public Liability ideally up to £10,000,000 - some council owned establishments require this level
• First aid certificate We now run these annually A pole sport, specific qualification - email us for the next course dates
• Annual Music license PPL – check out their website
• Experience on the pole
• Customer service experience

Participants of all levels attend our courses and we have a 99% pass rate too
Ladies new to pole but not new to teaching fitness
Ladies who are new to pole and new to teaching
Ladies who are experienced in pole but new to teaching
Ladies who are experienced in teaching already and experienced in pole they come for the recognition, networking opportunities, continual professional development and accreditations

So what are the main benefits?? I hear you asking what do I get for my money

As well as the amazingly informative course work books with over 9 detailed and pictured booklet, with over 250 moves transitions, poses, spins combinations and tricks, for you to keep for reference. We have taught hundreds of instructors to date form all areas of the globe, international students are taking up our consecutive day courses too
By joining a network of professionals you will never be alone we believe in sharing our knowledge to support you to be the best you can be
We offer ongoing instructor training by the UK’s best and also run the highly accredited World Pole Dance championships – Felix Cane just about to defend her title in Zurich! Miss Pole Dance UK championships – with Maxine Betts currently holding the prestigious UK title and Mr Pole Fitness too

Email us for a scheme of work which shows in detail a little more about our level 1 course and hope it is what you are looking for
or call us if you require further information or wish to book

tel: 0871 318 3838
TEXT US ON : 0792 194 8606

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