Friday, 10 September 2010

French Pole Dance Championships 13th September 2010

Pole Passion head to -
Competition Française De Pole Dance

This will be France’s second year in having a Pole Dance Competition created
by Mariana Baum who runs a pole school called “Pole Dance Paris”.
Mariana will be representing The World Pole Dance Federation and is hoping that this competition will open more people’s minds in France, as to what a beautiful art form pole dancing is.
Pole Passion are very proud to be invited and to be supporting Mariana and her team for the French Pole Dance National competition. Chief director Kay Penney has been chosen to be one of the judges for this competition!
It was only in May 2010 Kay was just judging in Switzerland for the Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland, National championships and she will be heading off to Hungary to support and judge their Miss Pole Dance Hungary National Championships too on 18th September 2010. Kay who is founder of Miss Pole Dance UK in 2005 and World Pole Dance has supported over 28 National and international pole competitions across the globe culminating in the World Pole Dance Championships on October 2nd In Zurich visit for more information.

The French Pole Dance National competition will be held in Paris on the 13th of September 2010
For more information please click on this link:

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