Thursday, 9 September 2010

The People's Choice Award ~ World Pole Dance 2010

‘The People’s Choice Award’
World Pole Dance 2010
~ sponsored by Mighty Grip ~

A fun award where the audience can be involved in the judging process too during the finals at the World Pole Dance Championships

Mighty Grip is offering a fantastic $500.00 US bank check (chq) to the winner of the
‘People's Choice Award – World Pole Dance 2010’.

The voting is to be done by the audience during the judge’s deliberation and final raffle prize ticket purchase.

12 boxes to be set with the names of the competitors on the outside. A vote is made by placing a donation in the box - suggestion of $1.00 , £1, 1 Euro or 1 Swiss Franc in the box with the name of the person on a slip of paper (supplied by the box)
Paper to be used for counting purposes!

The monies collected are to be donated to Breast Cancer charity – amount added and advertised after the event

Mighty Grip is offering a trophy

Whooo hoooooo Thank you so much Joel the competitors will be delighted

What will the audience be looking for??
• Crowd entertainment
• Music choice
• Charisma
• Fun
• Entertainment value
• Costume

for more inforamtion and to ourchase raffle tickets visit

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