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Jass Foley Photos in the Swiss Alps

Pole exploring the Swiss Alps

Dates in Zurich: 29th September to 5th October 2010

Dates available to shoot: 30th September to 4th October 2010

What: Exploring the Alps and the area around Zurich with the light weight and portable R pole a crew, and a whole load of camera equipment. Shoots will last about 4 hours. The aim is to create spectacular images with the portable pole and the very best performers in the world. We will aim to shoot either at sunrise, at sunset, or at night.
What you will get: 6 images. These will be given as a full resolution digital copy which you will have permission to use in any way you wish to promote yourself- facebook, twitter, youtube, newspaper, magazine, personal website etc.
What it costs: €500.
Travel: Travel will be included, but if you have a car there travel cost can be included.

Who to contact: Jass Foley, Photographer:,
00353 (0)861687194.

Full details are available at

Jass Foley, photographer and director of photographer, will be in Zurich from September 28th to October 5th 2010 for the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships. With a background in advertising, commercial and fashion photography, the Alps provide an alluring challenge to image creation for Jass. Having dived into photographing Pole Sport, this is an opportunity to take the amazing talent of these athletes into the equally spectacular Alps. Below is a short video showing some previous shoots and some pole images.

"The aim of this is creating spectacular images. It is an opportunity to have promotional and advertising images for pole instructors and performers from a truly unique setting. I'm doing this for sheer love of the creative process and my desire to push the boundaries of what can be done photographically. Head into the mountains with a portable pole? Sounds like a challenge to me!” For a very modest €500 (roughly £410 or $635), have a portfolio of 6 images created at one of these location shoots to use as your own promo and advertising material.

“I'm from an advertising background, where images are strictly licensed and controlled. This is not the case here. This is a passion project. You can use the images in any way you want. Put them on Facebook, your website, newspapers, magazines etc. Within reason of course- if the image will be projected on the surface of the moon, I might want an extra few Euro.”

As for the logistics of it all, I will be driving with my crew from Ireland. We will be arriving in Switzerland late on Tuesday 28th of September. We will be scouting locations on Wednesday 29th of September. We will be leaving Zurich on Tuesday October 5th. Depending on demand, we will arrange as many shoots as possible. This is a rather individual process that needs to be discussed with each person to create images that are unique to you. Locations ideas are Interlaken, the Stelvio Pass (just across the Italian border) and of course Lake Zurich and the surrounding hills. Translators and transport will be arranged by me as needed, but if you have a car with you, all the better.

I will also have Richard Geraghty, an award-winning director, with me recording behind the scenes video.
The beauty of this project is that it is not set in stone. As you can see from the video below, my shoots are fun and free flowing (but are actually meticulously planned in pre-production). We want ideas and inspiration. We want to hear from you!

If you are interested in joining Jass and you are a proficient poler please get in touch to discuss and organise.

00353 (0)86 1687194

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