Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Darren Pritchard Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 Champion

Darren Pritchard
Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010
Interview the day after his win on
October 31st 2010

Welcome Darren and thank you for entering Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 now in its second year.

1) Hi Darren how does it feel to be crowned Mr Pole Fitness 2010?

I’m totally honoured

2) What made you get into Pole Dancing?

The beauty of pole dance mainly. Seeing a great pole dance leaves you blown away, it an amazing technique and discipline. I wanted something to challenging myself with as I have been dancing for years and wanted something else that was physical and also had some artistry involve. Pole dancing combined the both!

3) How does Pole Dancing compare to your regular dancing, as you are a professional dancer, more challenging or just different?

Pole dancing is most probably the hardest thing I’ve done! It’s much more physically demanding than the dance i’ve done before. I have danced full 1 hour programmes, however after a 5 min pole set i’m done in. Being a good dancer does not translate into being good at pole, it’s a technique like anything, so you have to train in it to be good at it.

4) Did you expect to win this competition?

No not at all - I only came to showcase

5) Do you think the male side of pole dance competitions will grow and grow?

Yes, the male scene just needs it inspirational poler’s, who will inspire more men to do it, we need a male Felix!

6) Favourite pole move?

Peter pan drop I love the drama of it

7) Do you have a Pole Idol?

Jenyne Butterfly and Felix Cane I can’t pick between them

8) Do you want to take your Pole Dancing skills further and perform more in it?

Yes i’m a true pole junkie now so constantly need my fix

9) Were you nervous on the day of your competition?

Yeah I was a total unknown and knew no one! So it was a brand new experience for me

10)If another Male Pole Dance competition comes up with Pole Passion, will you be entering?

Yes I think I would! Competitions are a great way to see the best pole dancers and also push yourself to go beyond what you would normally


Many Thanks Darren and we hope your win will attract more and more males to pole fitness and dance and we hope you will be representing the UK in the next years Male division of the World Pole Sport & Fitness competition 2011 in Budapest


The Miss Pole Dance Organisation and the Pole Passion Team x

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