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Which Pole Dance & Fitness Pole is best for me?

Which Pole Is Best For Me?
There are many different types of poles on the market to choose from now.
Please find below information on the differences on the poles supplied
by R-Pole.

Fixed Poles

This is a traditional style of pole screwed in at the top ceiling and bottom floor, which is ideal if you are not planning on moving your pole from location to location. This type of pole although needs a qualified person to install has the least amount of maintenance checking. Once it’s up it stays up!

Semi Removable Poles

These Poles can be fitted with the minimum of tools and expertise and a qualified person is advised for installation. After the pole has been installed, the pole can easily be taken down when not in use with minimal disruption to ceilings and floors. Some poles have top fixings which are more challenging to install and some are ‘bottom’ loaded which are much safer and easier to install.

Removable Poles - One Length

This pole can be fitted with no drilling or leaving permanent marks on your ceilings or floors. It is easy to install and remove. The pole comes in one length and must be measured accurately for a perfect fit – this is the most popular floor to ceiling pole.

Removable Poles - Split

This Pole has the added benefit of being portable from place to place of different room heights and fixings as an additional part maybe added to change the length of the pole. It breaks down into sections that are lightweight and will comfortably fit into your car or smaller cupboards for storage when not in use.

R-Pole - Free standing, portable - One Length

This Pole is for use anywhere. It is lightweight, portable and up in minutes, you have no need to measure ceilings as no ceiling fixture is required. It can be used in a gym, in the garden, at home, on the beach and simply anywhere else you would like to take your pole to! These poles come in either 2m or 2.5m heights. High grip pink or black pole or stainless steel – the width of the pole is 38mm easier for the female hand to grasp too

R-Pole - Free standing, portable - Split Length

This pole is the same as above but the pole is split into two to make it easier for transportation and for storage. These poles come in either 2m or 2.5m heights.

Garden Pole

This pole is for every pole enthusiast, who loves the outdoors. It is supplied with the pole and ground fixings only (additional cement is required for the ground) It comes with an instruction manual on how to install it in your garden. These poles come in either 2m or 2.5m heights.

Static or Spinning poles?

A static pole stays perfectly still the whole time you are using it.

A spinning pole rotates with you.
You will find that different techniques are required for both types of poles.
Most people prefer the static pole to begin with.

50mm or 38mm diameter hand grip?

50mm is the standard size pole in the United Kingdom. A 38mm is a smaller diameter and is suitable for people with smaller hands. Some feel they can achieve more on a 38mm pole too. This is the most common pole in America and Australia but is becoming more popular over here now due to the R-Pole.
Fixed floor to ceiling 38mm poles are recommended to only go as high as 3.5m, and 2.5m for the garden and R-Pole (where there is no ceiling fixture).

Competition Poles

These are very bespoke poles and it is very important due to the nature of advanced moves being done at professional level that they comply with health and safety installation regulations and standards.
R-pole is proud to state they supply poles to the National Miss Pole Dance UK competitions and World Pole Dance championships 2009 and 2010

For more information on you choice of pole please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit

Pole Passion Ltd recommend the R-Pole and many thanks to the models in the pictures

Felix Cane - World Champion 2009 2010 Australian National champion
Jenni Gooch - UK Advanced Instructor
Jenyne Butterfly - USA Advanced Instructor
Deb Riley - UK Advanced Instructor

Proud sponsors of the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships


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