Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The results Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur/Semi Pro and Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010

Passion proudly presents Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010, Miss Pole Fitness UK Amateur & NEW semi pro category

Congratultions go to all the competitiors this year an amazing collecting of professional pole performances from all over the UK

Miss Pole Fitness UK Amateur 2010

Beatrice Morgan FIRST
Stephanie Reeves SECOND
Samantha Baker THIRD
Allyson Eidson
Suzanne Mc Gregor
Alice Vereker-Hales
Louise Fairbrass
Anna Meekums Best Pole Tricks
Joni Verity Best Costume
Amadae Hills
Victoria Hemming Best Entertainer

Miss Pole Fitness & Dance Semi Pro UK 2010

Lucy Cork FIRST Best Pole Tricks
Lisa Graham SECOND Best Entertainer
Nikki Fenton THIRD
Katherine Forrest
Paula Bines
Sharla Ansett
Sue Odams
Victoria Coleman
Olga Pozdeeva Best Outfit / Costume
Sam Allen Turner

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2010 Awards

Darren Pritchard FIRST Mr Strong award
Keem S Martinez SECOND
Moses Fapohunda Mr Cool Award
Stephen Hilton

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