Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Maxine Betts retirement Miss Pole Dance UK professional champion

A HUGE Farewell to our Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 Maxine Betts as will be retiring from the pole world announced on Tuesday 9th November 2010.

Not a lot of people know, but Maxine, the fit athlete that she is suffers from Fibromyalgia, which she was diagnosed with 8 years ago.
Fibromyalgia is pain and stiffness in the muscles, ligaments and tendons and can affect several parts of the body.

The symptoms of this condition are:
• Pain
• Fatigue
• Sleep disturbance and waking up not feeling refreshed
• Morning Stiffness
• Headaches
• Concentration Problems
• Irritable Bowels

Fibromyalgia can make day to day, simple tasks a challenge such as, cooking and light duty house work, which in result of this can lead to depression.
As of today the only treatment for Fibromyalgia is to take strong pain killers or non steroid anti- inflammatory drugs.

Due to having this condition Maxine’s body would not have the recovery time it needed which would then lead to a cycle of ongoing unpleasant pain.
As Maxine is a professional UK Champion Body Builder as well as the Miss Pole Dance UK professional Champion, she would battle through daily with this pain, as she has so much love and ambition for her art.

Eventually after a particularly bad day on Monday 8th November 2010, her illness deliberating Maxine so much so, she was so paralysed and not able to speak! - Maxine decided enough was enough: it was time to give it a rest from the pole and fitness world and as Maxine quoted on facebook, “It’s now time to look after Maxine Betts the person, rather than Maxine Betts the athlete.”

Maxine has been a huge inspiration to so many girls and guys in the pole community; she is an amazing athlete who beyond all the odds never expected to win Miss Pole Dance UK on 25th October 2009 in London.
As like many of us, Maxine fell upon Pole Fitness & dance, loved it, trained hard and trained herself to become the professional lady she is today. She was an unknown who was just doing what she so loved to do, stay fit, perform, dance and contribute to others.

Not long before entering into Miss Pole Dance UK 2009, she sadly lost her dad to cancer. Her performance was a tribute to him in her moving, powerful and emotional performance that captivated the 900+ audience and judges. It meant a lot to her as she chose the song by, “Take That,” “Rule The World”, which featured lyrics such as, “Yeah you and me we can light up the sky, if you stay by my side we can rule the world”, These lyrics were kept close to her heart as she performed on behalf of her dad, celebrating his life and she consequently went on to light up the sky of Pole Competitions.
Maxine never entered into MPD UK to win it, she saw it as an opportunity. It was in fact on her yearly to do list! Her yearly ambition list that motivates her through her challenging life of pain. It was her opportunity to show the world, her opportunity to dance on a stage like no one was watching, celebrating her physical achievements – When she won it rocked the pole world, inspiring hundreds of others to get up and have a go, sending out the unforgettable message – that if you love what you do - then do it . her famous phrase in her boot camps ‘DO IT’ always would inspire and motive, from her years in the army.

Maxine has always said never take yourself too seriously, a philosophy we love at Pole Passion too. Always remember to have fun with your art and remember why you got into it in the first place.
As Maxine found herself at the top of her game, she begun then to put a lot of pressure on herself to keep on continuously impressing people and she found that the pole community needed some fun put back into it and for it not to be so serious, after all it is pole dancing not brain surgery!

Her advice to all girls wishing to become pole dance champions is to do it for yourself have fun with it and always remember why you are doing it.

Maxine never failed to not impress anyone and she taught lots of successful Masters Classes throughout the UK including one in Switzerland, inspiring National athletes so much so she was invited above all other top pole athletes across the globe supporting the girls of Miss Pole Dance Switzerland.
She also has a successful pole school called Pole Mania.

Maxine would like to thank everyone for supporting her over this year and is very happy she has inspired so many people and she says “If you want something that bad you eventually get it, you just have to believe in yourself and NEVER give up”.

We are sure at Pole Passion this will not be the last you have heard from Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 Maxine Betts and we wish her all the luck in the world as she embarks on her new career adventure!

We wish Maxine a healthy and fruitful future a lady who has inspired so many and will continue to do so.
Words to describe Maxine come to mind
Athletic, strong, powerful, determined, ambitious, fun, playful, funny, intelligent, sexy, classy, feminine, mentor, supporter, leader, inspirational, outspoken,

What a great ambassador for the pole world we thank you for your contribution and love you have shared. You will be greatly missed but never forgotten; continually inspiring at all levels and we will be staying in touch 

Words taken from Maxine’s last Master Class with Pole Passion

“Never ever give up on your dreams or what you believe in, look at the person sitting next to you, then know that you are no better than that person and that person is no better than you, if you can go through your life remembering this you will always do well.
If you want something bad enough, all you have to do is believe in yourself and anything is possible, if you want it enough you just go out there and you make it happen, you grab the world with both hands, keep a tight hold and never let go.
....... and last of all Kay, a small word from me..........I tell everyone don’t ever give up on your dreams......and although my illness has caused me to now retire this does not mean I have given up on my dreams. It simply means I have lived mine I have made them happen and now it is time for me to go and live some new dreams, I am very proud to have been MPD UK champion and to have represented the pole community. I have also learned so much from every one, on a professional level and also on a personal level and have some wonderful memories that will stay with me always.”

Maxine Betts ~ November 2010 xxxxx

Healthy Wishes and with our love

Written by Nikki Fenton & Kay Penney
Miss Pole Dance UK - The Pole Passion Team x



Bob said...

I live in Portland, Oregon U.S.A and just ran across her pictures so did a web search on her name and came up with this Blog.You are a very impressive woman, Maxine.
Bob Taylor ... Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

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