Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lucy Cork winner of Miss Pole Dance & Fitness UK Semi Pro Championships 2010

Seen here with Maxine Betts (right) - the current Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009/2010 champion

"Hi Lucy, how does it feel to have won Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro?"
I'm shocked! It was my first proper competition and I knew how high the standard was going to be. It still hasn't sunk in really.

"How long have you been poling for?"
2 years

"What made you get into Pole Dancing?"
My Mum! She started having lessons with my teacher Sarah and she took me along.

"What style of pole dancing would you say you were?"
Fluid, strong, graceful and a bit cheeky.

"How many hours do you train a week?"
I train 2 hours every other day.

"What advice would you give to girls who wish to compete, who have never done it before?"
Get yourself an experienced teacher, who can see what your strengths are and just train, train, train!

"What are your favourite moves?"
The swan drop, Aysha, Twisted Hand Grip Flag, and the Marley

"Who is your Pole Idol?"
Leigh-Ann, Orsi and Tracey Simmonds

Will you be entering into Miss Pole Dance UK Professional next year?

Thank you very much Lucy! And all the best in the future.

The Pole Passion Team x
For more information on Miss Pole Dance UK visit the website below.

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