Thursday, 11 November 2010

Benefits of Pole Fitness

The Benefits of Pole Dance Fitness with Pole Passion

At the mention of pole dancing, the image that comes to mind is not always one of fitness for some people, but the fact is that pole dancing is now a mainstream form of fitness with gyms around the world now accepting this physical form of fitness and dance because it offers an all over workout that is fun and more appealing than the usual workouts and suitable for all women regardless of age, shape or fitness level as instruction and moves are adapted to suit everyone. The important thing is that you just have fun!

Pole dance fitness mixes gymnastics, ballet, modern dance and offers an all over body workout improving muscle tone, burning calories and leaving you feeling empowered, fit and more sexy.

During the classes you need to be able to complete the warm up session, grip the pole effectively and safely, have freedom of movement and feel good, so you need to ensure you are wearing the correct clothing and follow some very simple guide lines. No oils or moisturisers must be used on the body prior to all lessons as a health and safety element, as bare legs are essential for safety reasons, if you want to grip on to the pole (you will slip with tights or trousers on). The ideal outfit is a pair of short shorts, skirt or hot-pants (if you are feeling a bit more confident), and something comfortable, but not restrictive, on your top half (a T-shirt is ideal) and trainers for pole fitness.

Pole Passion, one of the first Pole Fitness schools worldwide, have pioneered Pole Fitness since 2003 and have created a National Pole Dance Competition ‘Miss Pole Dance’ ( which is linked with most Countries around the World and incorporating the first World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness Championships creating a World Champion and ambassador for the sport. (

Pole Passion also offer accredited and recognised Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Training Courses, approved by Skills Active and registered with the Register of Exercise Professional (REP’s) and this ensures all our instructors are fully qualified to teach Pole Fitness safely, ethically and effectively and further have gained approval from registered Osteopaths that the instruction is safe and beneficial.

Effective and safe teaching is very important and so is the equipment used to teach pole fitness on. Most dance poles require a ceiling fixings which creates problems for most health clubs with the alternative being a stage or podium pole which could be too high, unsafe, very heavy for instructors to assemble and move and completely unsuitable for a health club, so Pole Passion along with Brighton University spent 3 years developing their very own portable dance pole (the R Pole) which is designed to recognised safety standards for free standing fitness equipment and is completely flat to the floor (no platform or stage) allowing floor work and stretching and comes with a safety mat, complying with manual handling regulations too. (

Want to know more or learn to teach Pole Dance Fitness?

For more information about pole dance fitness lessons visit and we can offer to help you learn to teach pole fitness safely with ongoing full support.

We look forward to welcoming you at a class soon

Kind regards Kay Penney, founder of Pole Passion Ltd
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