Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bendy Kate workshop presented by Pole Passion

Bendy Kate and Kate Johnstone
A Workshop with this amazing duo was an opportunity not to be missed recently on 29th April 2012
Headed by advanced instructor Sue Thompson at Pole Passion Bognor

The workshop was ideal for doubles pole partnerships wishing to perform,  compete or just have fun trying new inventive doubles tricks on and around the pole. In this workshop held recently at the Arun Leisure Centre the World Pole Dance 2011  Doubles Runners up - Bendy and Kate  covered their unique acro balances on the floor which stemmed from Bendy’s acrobatic background. They also showed interesting ways onto and off of the pole (using  doubles partners of course!)
They demonstrated their signature doubles tricks which helped them win Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles in 2011 and secured their place in World Pole Dance last year in Budapest

To top their afternoon session they  finished with fun doubles conditioning exercises and partner assisted stretching to improve  strength and flexibility  creating more for more doubles fun.

The class was aimed at all levels of fitness
And was a sell out
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