Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dew Point Pole Grip - Ingredients from Pole Passion

I was recently asked the ingredients of Dew Point Pole body grip So here it is Distilled blue solar water Vegetable glycerine Phenoxylethanol Calphryl glycol The grip comes in a choice of a clear or a glittery coverage. A very fine spray coverage used for the legs, arms and torso this incredible grip is also a moisturiser too!! Contrary to what we all preach as pole instructors to remove all moisturisers before training - this new innovative product hydrates the skin too which is especially beneficial if you suffer from dry skin. It is highly recommended to start off with the medium coverage and either take it up to ultra if its not enough or take it down to light coverage if the medium is too grippy. I personally prefer the ultra grip spray but then after nearly 10 years of not using a moisturiser on my non poling days my skin has become dry. The sample pack is probably the most popular product we sell giving you all three coverage strengths which will allow you to add and mix your strengths too 3 small sprays of 10ml and ideal for your pole bag For more information check out our online shop http://www.polepassion-shop.com

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