Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Zumba instructors learn burlesque dance

Zumba instructors are reaching out to tease and tantalise
In the most recent burlesque instructor training course, organised by the Burlesque experts Burlesque Passion, Zumba instructors exchanged their baggy trousers for stockings, corsets and heels. Learning to burlesque dance and to teach it is the objective of course creator Kay Penney aka Ana Dupre. Passionate already about dance and motivating students, many instructors are always looking not only to professionally develop themselves but always trying to find a new way to tease and tantalise their student to come back for more too:- To tone, stretch, shimmy and shake. Come and join us for a full day of training on Thursday June 7th 2012 at Siams Burlesque Lounge in Crawley Gatwick, to see what all the fuss is about No experience necessary For further details of Instructor training courses which award you REP’s point too, email Sally on theteam@passion-fitness.com for our detailed scheme of work Or visit the website www.burlesque-passion.com

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