Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Highlights of Pole Passion International Training programs

Pole Passion’s foundations were established in the Pole industry from its birth here in the UK since the early 2000’s before it was desired as a fitness form and most definitely before it was considered as one of the new ideas for thousands of ladies and some men, across the world to keep healthy and active while having great challenging fun.

Founder Kay Penney, passionate about all things fitness, decided to think out of the box and design something new for the fitness industry. Of course it didn’t start out like that as Kay found the techniques on and around the pole a personal challenge when looking for something to rekindle her figure and mental positivity, after having given birth of her third child. A mammoth and almost impossible task at that time, especially as the fitness consultant she employed to help her, after one year, told her Pole Dance and Fitness  would not be accepted or accredited in the fitness industry and IF they were,!!  it would take at least 8 years or so – Fuelled by those words, Kay, what some two years later, had Pole Passion’s comprehensive fitness Instructor level 1 and Advanced level 2 courses accredited by REP’s  (Register of Exercise Professionals) the route of all European fitness professionals that are monitored yearly and  governed by strict code of conducts.  Later published, Elite Accredited Level 3 and Burlesque for Fitness accredited courses, now also offered.

Pole Passion today is one of the most highly recognised Pole Training Providers and Brands in the pole world – developing comprehensive courses with great, comprehensive content and excellent value for money.  One day courses costing as little as £150, we also offer discounts if more than one course is booked at the same time too. Hundreds of students have attended  since the launch of the fitness courses in 2008, participants as far from the USA, Russia, Europe, Ireland and Scotland to learn the Pole Passion way.  We pride ourselves on being thorough and progressing  each individual to their next stage, before, during and after they have attended our courses, whether an experienced instructor already with  a fitness and dance back grounds looking for the well-deserved credibility or whether totally new to fitness, dance and or the pole 

The main benefits of becoming accredited have to be by far the credibility aspect and industry recognition in what you do is recognised and awarded to the highest of industry awards not to mention the fact your insurance will be cheaper and valid too.  You will have the confidence and peace of mind you are teaching safely, correctly and effectively:-  learning ways of progressing and supporting your participants without causing possible delayed injury or incorrect techniques. Visit our website for our testimonials -

Our other achievements
Uniquely we wrote the Code of Pole Practice in 2006 to help set the industry standards, desperate to keep and acknowledge all the hard work that was being invested and created in the pole industry by this time, from many key individuals throughout the UK. We designed rules and regulations for national and international competitions of all grades and created courses and invited the first master trainers to the UK by the arrival of Pantera USA in 2006 to support UK polers.  NEW for 2012 we are now offering license opportunities to join our team at a very low set up costs once you have reached the required industry standards.  We also offer you to join our  Rpole equipment affiliate programme whereby sharing the rewards throughout the pole industry.  Rpole was innovated by the Pole Passion team as there was a need for a portable and lightweight pole that could go anywhere, easily, to support our training programmes – Today we are proud to have created the world’s first, most portable and lightest pole in the world.  We inspire people from all walks of life, from world champions, Felix Cane and Alesia Vazmitsel  to everyday people, like me, offering world wide networking opportunities and to be part of World Pole Dance and Miss Pole Dance UK, owned and operated by Pole Passion, with our motto always being  -
 Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness & FUN!
Kay Penney :  Founder Pole Passion LTD

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