Tuesday, 8 May 2012

World Pole Dance 2012 competitor registration

Pole Passion Ltd (UK), Loft1 (Switzerland) and Doll House (Budapest) are proud to announce The Official World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships 2012 (World Pole Dance) Will be on Saturday 10th November at the Volkshaus in Zurich Switzerland
www.volkshaus.ch Venue Address Volkshaus Zurich Stauffacher Strasse 60 8004 Zurich Formal applications for competitors and international judges will be available from mid May 2012 from – Please apply in writing to theteam@polepassion.com and events@passion-fitness.com To qualify as a competitor please note the following basic requirements All correspondence must be in English (please seek a representative or translator if English is not your first language) State whether you are male or female State which category or categories you are applying for (you can apply for singles and doubles) - Male singles - Synchronised Doubles – mixed and same sex gender - Female singles All applications must be over 18 years old (on or before November 01st 2012) It is the applicant’s responsibility to gain all relevant visas in time for registration Please note: there is a £30.00 GBP charge per visa application letter requirement for the visa requests from the World Pole Dance Organsiation – this must be paid via paypal to theteam@polepassion.com before the letter is sent World Pole Dance holds no responsibility for unauthorised applications or refusals Pre auditions will be confirmed in due course but will be the week commencing 10th November 2012 We recommend that no applicant organises their travel arrangements etc before they have received an official request to do so. All applications will be considered however national champions and runners up will be considered as priority. Please seek out your National Championships for 2012 – if your competition does not appear on the authenticated list of competitions then please contact us we would love to hear from you. We look forward to welcoming you all to the World Pole Dance family 2012 – Remain healthy and on behalf of the massive operations team we very much look forward to sharing the Passion of the Pole in November with you all With sexy, healthy & warm wishes from Kay Penney - Founder For and on behalf of World Pole Dance (since 2009)

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