Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2012 special guest judge appearance David Richards

With the increase of men training on and around the pole in dance and for fitness, Pole Passion is delighted to promote and welcome the following incredible competitors for the 4th Mr Pole Fitness UK championships in Brighton at Concorde2 on 2nd June 2012
The competition will be held along side and amongst the prestigious Miss Pole Dance UK national championships demonstrating both female single and mixed  doubles categories through the day and evening
The competition will begin at 3pm, with the doors opening at 1pm with a great place to network with the professionals throughout the UK
The competition will be the start of three national competitions held that day – please purchase your all day ticket via the ticket link on the website   www.misspoledance-uk.com

Who will be going to Switzerland to represent the UK in  the World  Pole Sport & Fitness Championships on November 10th 2012? www.worldpoledance.com

The competitors – the finalists
Daniel Rosen – Business Development Consultant from  Hemel Hempstead
Aiden Kelly – Nurse from Manchester
Carl Taylor – Dancer from Oldham
Mark Vernon – Dance instructor from Manchester
Josh Taylor – Surrey  Pole Dance professional
Ian Matthews – from Surrey
Nico Modestine – Walthamstow London – Fitness Instructor
Daniel Roe - Barnett – Brighton – an events promoter

Special Guest Judge
David Richardson – owner and founder of The Dreamboys www.dreamboys.co.uk

Visit the website www.misspoledance-uk.com for more information 

For tickets for an afternoon and evening show (three competitions) visit the below link


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