Sunday, 23 September 2012

Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2012 - Molnár Nikolett

Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2012 finals for the singles and doubles category held on Saturday 22nd September 2012 At the  Venue: Exit Circus Theatre - 1033 Budapest, Szentendre u. 40th
Which begun at 18:00pm was won by the amazing show and performance of Nikolett Molnar followed by Ilka Bardoczy (Miss Pole dance doubles world champion)

Followed by the breath taking dance Gala: Burlesque Circus, which  started at 21:00 which was a stylish entertainment of ancient burlesque dance entering the world of vaudeville from the ground and in the air of hoops and silks starring femininity of international stars of Dollhouse, feather boas, fans and beautiful women entertaining into the evening that teased and tantalised.  The show headed by Alma herself performed with energy and vibrancy using unique props of a huge dress (cage) covered with peacock feathers, big silver lips, a rocking horse and my favourite prop, the martini glass full of bubbling water which was elegantly poured over her body as she splashed the nearby audience.

The results
Miss Pole Dance Hungary winner singles category - Solo I. :Molnár Nikolett
runner up - Solo II.:Bardóczy Ilka
third place - Solo III.:Rakli Veronika

Best tricks:Bardóczy Ilka
Best costume: Molnár Nikolett
Best Entertainer:Molnár Nikolett

Miss Pole Dance Hungary 2012 winner doubles category – Duo I.:Gábris-Baczakó Judit & Varga Eszter
runners up - Duo II.: Toronyi Zsuzsanna & Berthold Nóra
third place - Duo III.:Matesz Mariann & Juhász Boglárka

Best tricks:Gábris-Baczakó Judit & Varga Eszter
Best costume: Gábris-Baczakó Judit & Varga Eszter
Best Entertainer:Gábris-Baczakó Judit & Varga Eszter

Alma Pirner Hungary owner and founder of Dollhouse and Miss Pole Dance Hungary
Kay Penney United Kingdom owner and founder of Pole Passion and Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance (Worold Pole Sport & Fitness) &
Krisztina Nemesvári-Miss Poledance Hungary Champion 2010
Tünde Vincze-Head of the Hungarian Aerial Association and Circus Exit founder and owner

Nikolette , Ilka and Gábris-Baczakó Judit & Varga Eszter will all be legible to enter the World Pole Sport & Fitness Dance championships to be held in Switzerland  in November

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