Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pole Passion Fitness in Reigate

Pole Passion, the leading Pole fitness and dance experts are offering classes in their newest venue in Reigate.  Pole Pioneers lead by Kay Penney, since 2001 support Sam Causon, a Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 Competition finalist who is excited to set up the Pole Passion license, having completed her intensive training  through the REP's accredited qualifications.  An amazing achievement especially as Sam was told by her doctors not to exercise due to a birth defect that she has empowered herself through. 
Pole Passion, also owner of World Pole Dance and Miss Pole Dance UK the
largest national  and international pole dance championships for fitness is renowned for
promoting and developing not only every day people but for creating world champions such as Felix Cane and Alesia Vazmitsel and has high hopes for  Sam, who has already invested in her innovative
6 free standing, professional RPoles exclusively designed for gyms and the pole fitness industry world wide.

Sam will be busy marketing her new classes to new participants across the town and neighbouring towns close to Reigate.
Her programmes are set to challenge, inspire and empower her fitness audience attracting individuals not only new to pole but even new to exercise, which will include both men and women.

Pole Fitness Reigate classes will be held every Thursday 7.15 – 8.15pm at FitHub
51 High Street, 

The new innovative RPole equipment  will be standing next to over 150 pieces of state of the art exercise equipment including TV’s, music, free WiFi and iPod docs offering other classes such as Cardio Vascular (CV), Strength, Free Weights, Circuit Training, Spinning, Vibration and functional training, Abs, Stretch, Pilates, Interactive Training Wall and Studio Classes.
Every gym member will receive a free exercise induction, one-to-one and group personal training, changing rooms, lockers, showers and WCs. An exciting time not only for Pole Passion but for the residents of Reigate.

For more information about  the FREE open session and other classes and parties in other areas visit our website or call us on 0871 318 3838.  We look forward to welcoming you


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Early morning, lunchtime and evening Pilates classes are available at convenient locations in Reigate, Surrey. Contact Justine Watters for information on classes and to book your first class.

Pilates Classes Reigate

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