Sunday, 23 September 2012

RPole Giveaway Competition Snap & Win

One lucky pole enthusiast, Brighton based, Ania Pshenichnikova


has just been announced the winner of the 2012 RPole, ‘snap and win’ competition advertised on their website

Anna now becomes the proud new owner of the  most innovative, portable, RPole Play Pole enabling Anna and her photographer Michael K to take pictures anywhere at any time.

So you thought Pole was just for the private settings of individuals! To allure tease and tantalise – well at RPole ‘R=revolutionising’ the pole techniques can now go anywhere anytime

The picture entry was chosen by the skilled developers at RPole and shortlisted amongst all the applications that had been sent in over the summer months of 2012 and placed on the website.

Anna’s winning photo was chosen because it met the following criteria of:-
Imaginative content. Uniqueness, Compelling  and Visually appealing, Create emotion and  fun!

Its URBAN outdoor feel, the fun and colours of the graffiti in the reflection, the solid structure of the building in the back ground, her move showing her incredible fitness form, her hair free in the wind, and quirky unconventional white baseball sport boots, all encompassing RPole’s message of taking the fun of  pole movement to places never thought of or ever seen before!!

RPole developed by  pole dancers for pole dancers since 2004, has constantly worked hard to create a stable strong and yet fun and sexy item to supports all polers needs.

We hope to be bringing more photos of Anna on the RPole in the very near future.

For 2013 competition see the below link

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