Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nico Modestine teaches the Spatchcock

Learn the SPATCHCOCK move and techniques with Nico’s Master Classes

The move many of us only dream of!
So where did it come from and where was it first seen
For many of us it was Felix Cane in the summer of 2009 who famously executed it initially during the World Pole Dance championships in Jamaica for public viewing during her world class performance
A wondrous account of super human flexibility with the over stretch of the legs and back

So what does the word mean?
It is how cooks prepare an uncooked chicken by flattening it on the grill plate
Glad you asked now ??  no means a sexy or glamorous name choice !!

However we must not let this somewhat unflattering choice off label misinterpret the skill and hyper extension required for this move

This move of course always look so much more amazing on a spinney pole

Come and support Nico at the world championships on November 10th 2012  
Email Pole Passion for more information about Nico's forth coming Master Classes

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