Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pole Fitness Lessons in Warlingham Sports Club

Pole Passion Fitness Lessons Warlingham Sports Club, Church Lane, Warlingham CR6 9PR

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Every     Wednesday 7.15-8.15pm/8.15-9.15pm
£10 tester
£12.50 payg or £40/4w

Pole Dance Fitness lessons are perfect for all women aged 16+. Incorporation pole tricks, spins, transitions and poses we will have you moving like never before!

Join our fun and friendly classes with professionally qualified instructors with many years of pole fitness and fitness competence.

Expect to increase muscle tone as you progress each week, accomplishing moves you never thought possible. With just some simple and achievable techniques you will begin to feel and see a transformation projecting your new found confidence along the way!

What To Wear: Shorts, short skirt or leggings, T shirt, trainers or bare feet. Avoid wearing jewellery, moisturisers or oils on the skin.


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