Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The funny things you hear in a pole fitness class

Does my bum look good in this?
How  high should my shorts be?
What’s the best grip for that move?
When  can I go upside down?
What do I wear to your pole class?
Which leg? Gemini or is it called scorpio?  Outside leg hang or inside leg hang?
Arch your back Point your toes…. Breathe!!
Squeeze harder!! common
Will the pole tip?  Wow it moves
Awww look at my bruise?  No darling…… pole kisses
How long will it take me to be that good?
Can you do the spatchcock?
Awww im slipping?
Is the pole old or worn out is that why I can’t hold on any more?
No it just cold in here
Point your toes
OK so now im going to let go!!
What… you want a mat?
I cant do it!!
If I try hair spray will that work?
More alcohol for the dirty pole
I cant spin there’s too much grip on the pole
The gloves make me stick better
Do you think they match my outfit?
Wow its up already!!
You’re so strong!!
I wish I was as light as you,  I could then do that move
I wish I was as flexible as you I could then do that move!
I need more grip
Wow that’s a big pole – im used to 38 RPoles
What’s your favourite size? mines a 38!
I used to be a pole dancer – can I go to level 3 instructor training certification now
Do I have to wear a thong?
Omg I haven’t shaved!
I can’t do it!
Ive got it ive got it!! Yeyahhhhhh
Can someone help me down please………..

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